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How to neutralise binge trigger foods

Neutralising binge trigger foods is a vital step in stopping binge eating and healing your relationship with food.

We all have those foods that feel like they have a hold on us. Whenever we see them or think about them we feel a magnetic pull towards them! They hold a power over us and it feels impossible to resist them... even though we know they can cause a binge eating episode.

Want to know why this happens?

Because the food literally does have a power over you! You have given it extra power!


In labelling it as 'bad' or 'naughty' or 'a treat or 'junk'.

By giving it that label it's no longer neutral... it's become more powerful.

And that power lures you in, makes the food feel scarce or 'naughty' then it hits you at an emotional or weak point... and bang! A binge eating episode happens.

Yes there are many additional factors that cause binge eating... I have an entire module on each one of these in my 4 week, online Break Free From Binge Eating Program, but being aware of and working on your trigger foods is a great way to start to work on your binge eating.

Okay, I digress! Back to neutralising trigger foods!

Labelling foods is the issue that gives them more power that then leads to the 'f*ck it' moments that cause a binge.

So you then think you cant have those foods in the house, which gives them even more power!

You find yourself thinking about them more, obsessing over them more and those foods truly become anything but neutral... this can go on for years and years... Or it might have gone on from childhood when you heard your mother refer to foods as 'bad' and 'naughty'.

So you restrict them even more because you don't think you have enough will power around them!

But that restriction them gives the food more power!

Can you see how this all builds and builds?

So my top 5 ways to neutralise your trigger foods

  1. Stop labelling them

  2. Start having them in the house more

  3. Remind yourself they have no power over you. You are the human, you hold the power!

  4. Become aware if you are restricting them too much

  5. Try and eat those trigger foods more often, but in a calm state and with people around so that its less likely to cause a binge

  6. Then after you eat them really take notice... how does it actually make you feel? Chances are they don't actually make you feel that good and you don't really like them that much, you have just given them so much power that you think they do!

Lastly, know that i'm here to support you! I have already walked the path and i can help guid you along yours!

Arabella x


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