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How to create the ultimate savoury platter!

Okay, im going to start by saying there really isn’t an art to building a platter… I just follow my intuition and aesthetics and you really cant go wrong. It will be delicious either way!

My main trick is to use the best quality ingredients you can get your hands on and making as much as you can by yourself. Especially the dips! Because most store bought dips are laden with cheap filler oils such as sunflower and canola and making them yourself is honestly SO easy and far more economical.

You want your platter to be really aesthetically inviting to lure people in! In order to do that you need a mix of;

· Vibrant colours - I mean the veggies speak for themselves in this!

· Contrasting textures – Mix the crunchy veggies with the smooth dips and always make sure there are additional bits of garnish for people to add to change the texture such as nust or pickles

· Catering to your diners - if you know kiddies are also having the platter include things that they will love like cheese and fruit . Or when its for my girlfriends its normally always vegan and gluten free!

Now you can go two ways… make everything similar, so the tones of veggies and the shapes you cut them in. Eg all green so guacamole with cucumber, celery, sugar snaps, waldorf lettuce etc.

Or you can make everything very different. So vibrant and contrasting colours, shapes and textures.

The latter is what I do the most and it always goes down a treat!


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