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Holistic Health and Life Coaching

A holistic program supporting women who feel stressed, anxious, exhausted or are unable to priorities self care. The program looks as all facets of health, not just disordered eating.

In this 6 week program we discuss Arabella’s 6 fundamental health principles;

Week 1 - Discuss what your currently holistic health and life challenges and your biggest obstacles

Week 2 - Mindfulness and Stress reduction practices

Week 3 - Whole foods, soul foods and movement

Week 4 - Your hormones and infradian rhythm

Week 5 -the masculine and feminine energies at play in your life. Spirituality, creativity and feminine energy. Your purpose, career, finances and masculine energy

Week 6 - Bringing all 6 elements together and make a plan on how you are going to implement  them moving forward 

This program runs for 6 weeks and you will have 6 x 60 min zoom calls. After the calls you will be sent a follow up email with any tips and homework relating to what we worked on that week.

In this program you will also receive self enquiry prompts to deepen your understanding of the topic we discuss each week.

To learn more and find out if this program is for you, book in for a complimentary 30 min discovery call below.


Working with Arabella in the 1:1 holistic health + life coaching program  was affirming, rewarding and exactly what I needed to move out of the rut I was in! 

Before working with Arabella, I had a general sense of vagueness, a lack of direction in career/work, some underlying relationship with food issues and I was not looking after myself the way I wanted to. 

I was drawn to Arabella as she came across as approachable, articulate and

very intuitive. Working with her one on one worked best for me and I felt as if she really saw me!

The structure of the program was clear, and we focussed on the areas that seemed most important to me.

My thoughts about work became clearer and I was able to make a decision, within a time frame, that I had been thinking about for ages. It crystallised. I feel more myself and also better able to step back from situations/emotions and look at them clearly. I’m getting less caught up than I used to. I now have a better sense of my own self-worth and strength. Once I decided to do it, I was all in so no challenges really.

Emily | Wellington, New Zealand

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