My career began with eight years in the fashion industry. A wonderful experience but certainly not ‘healthy’. So I took the leap, left my beloved fashion job and enrolled to study a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in Naturopathy. At the same time I started managing a Sydney Pilates studio. It was during this time that I decided to take my 10 year love of Pilates to a new level and became an instructor through Polestar Pilates.

While I’ve always had a passion for health, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly realised the importance of investing in both my physical and mental health.

My journey into motherhood was unexpected, albeit welcomed with open arms. Following the birth of my first son I struggled to ask anyone, including my husband, for help. After the first few weeks and months of food deliveries and regular visits by family and friends dropped off, I began to feel isolated. Looking back I believe the societal pressure I felt to ‘be everything and do everything’ contributed greatly to that feeling of loneliness. 

I longed for someone to hold space for me. Someone to help guide me as I eased into motherhood, who could help me to establish healthy and fulfilling eating, moving and meditative practices. 

I was working as a Pilates instructor in Sydney and on the South Coast and began to deepen my knowledge and experience in teaching pre and post-natal Pilates. Having been through pregnancy and birth twice now, I understand the incredible benefits of keeping your body strong during such a challenging time. 

Since the birth of my second son I’ve trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I combine my love of wholefoods (who doesn’t love a raw treat!) with nutrition knowledge to provide a holistic coaching and food catering service.

I am a strong believer in women supporting women and am proud to host one-day retreats on the NSW South Coast to do just that.


When I am meditating, moving my body with love and intention and nourishing myself intuitively I am a much better mother to my sons!