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I currently offer two 1:1 online coaching programs


1: 1 Individualised 16 week

This program provides individualised and deeply supportive  guidance to women who have a complicated relationship with their bodies, food and exercise and experience low self worth. This program is for women who experience any form or disordered eating and have negative body image. We will look at understanding the route cause of your eating habits, thought patterns and behaviours while learning some very practical tips such as Intuitive Eating and Movement, Stress Reduction and Emotion work. 

1:1 Individualised 12 week
Holistic Health +Life Coaching

This Holistic Health and Life coaching program has been designed to look at all facets of your life, as we are holistic beings, we cant just focus on food and movement to feel ‘well’! This program will be a sacred space for you to dive deep into any areas of your life that aren't working for you as well as you might like. If there are areas of your life that feel out of alignment, we will find them and chat about them! We will look at all areas such as food and movement, nervous system regulation, self care practices, your cycle, your community and your work

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