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Hi, my name is Arabella 

I am a health and life coach supporting women in healing their low self worth and body image challenges to live a life of intuitive eating and presence. 

I help women heal their relationships with food and their body. I help them open up and become honest with themselves to help heal their emotional eating.  I help women fall back in love with their lives and looking after themselves. 

I also support women who experience anxiety, stress and overwhelm by teaching them practices to slow down, tune in to their intuition and live a more purposeful life.

I am all about self care, eating what makes you happy, moving mindfully, leaning how to listen to your heart and be guided from a space of love!

I am a mother of two boys and am originally from Australia but currently living in beautiful New Zealand!

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My philosophy is simple;

Rebuild your relationship with Self.

Learn to trust your innate wisdom.

Nourish yourself with both whole food and soul food.

Move with joy. 

Slow down and rest. 

We have one beautiful life and one incredible vessel to take us through it! 

Don't let you body and your relationship with food take from that! Food is one of life's great pleasures, lets get you enjoying it again! 

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I was completely stuck in the binge cycle. I felt worthless and like an absolute failure. The bingeing did not make sense to me, and it was very hard to see a pathway out of the continual cycle. I could not look at myself in the mirror and my entire worth was centred around what I looked like. Having been involved in conventional eating disorder treatment for over 6 months, I knew that there was much more too my eating disorder than my thoughts leading to actions. I felt like no one could ever understand the pain that an eating disorder holds over you unless you go through it yourself.

I was drawn to Arabella's program through her holistic approach to therapy, her honest, raw, and humorous take on her experience with disordered eating. Arabella has such a soothing energy, and she just knew the right questions to ask. Arabella's honesty and acceptance of her disordered eating is something I admired. I knew she would understand my shame and help to form a pathway out of the cycle. Working with Arabella has been heart-opening, nourishing, and safe.

I received guidance and much more! A space to be held emotionally and spiritually, a space that I have never truly felt with another therapist before. Her warmth radiates through the zoom calls and creates safe space no matter how 'turbulent' it is prior to dialling in. The awareness I have now is that my relationship to myself, and therefore my food intake, will be an ongoing journey and is so valuable. It makes both my peaceful and rocky days valid. Every feeling, thought and experience is valid and contributes to my journey.

The power of my ego has been a life-changing realisation. It makes over 10 years of yucky thoughts all make sense. Through the knowledge of my ego linking to past traumas, I have reduced my self-blame and am emerging from my victim mentality. I now have the ability to view my behaviour with kindness and compassion rather than shame and disappointment. That my low self-worth has nothing to do with what I look like. I feel excited and curious about my future, a life where my higher self leads for me to feel true happiness and peace. From my cracked-open-heart to yours, thank you Arabella. Thank you for guiding me to feel capable of living a life that is true to me. A life with less shame and more compassion. A life that I deserve free from my ED.

Sarah, 25, Geelong Australia

I've struggled for most of my life with binge eating and body image issues. I was fed up with cycling through restriction and binging only to be stuck in those mental / emotional cycles. I was ready for more support to help in changing these habits.

I noticed that Arabella stood out as a coach who didn't push a certain diet in order to find peace with food, I also loved her intuitive eating remarks and her calm and supportive energy.

While working with Arabella I felt heard, supported, that we set reasonable goals, and she helped me with some tough soul searching. I needed a lot of guidance in what was going on emotionally and definitely got that from the program.

I really loved the support and ease of conversation. Arabella has such a peaceful and calm presence and I looked forward to sharing my story with her each week.

Lilly, 33, Canberra Australia

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Your life doesn't have to be consumed by thoughts about your body and food. Its exhausting and takes away from you actually experiencing your life! Let me teach you how to find food freedom and support you in uncovering the root cause of your disordered relationship with self.

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