Group 8 week

A group container to support women who have a complicated relationship with their bodies, food and exercise and experience low self worth.

The BODY CONNECTION group container will begin in mid February 2022.

This program is very similar to the 1:1 indivudualised program however it follows a more educational format and is done in a group of 6 women.

The group program will run for 8 consecutive weeks. Each week we will have a 60 min group coaching call and cover a different topic that relates to your disordered relationship with your Self, food and your body.

All of these topics have been specifically chosen and set in this sequence as I have learnt in my years coaching women in a 1:1 setting that these are the 6 main areas to work on to support women in their healing journey. 

The weeks and topics are;

Week 1 - Self acceptance

Week 2 - Emotions and some of the reasons why you have a disordered relationship with your Self, food and your body

Week 3 - Intuition – listening to your body and following your intuition with food and movement

Week 4 – Understanding your physical body – hunger, digestion, cortisol

Week 5 - Stress reduction and mindfulness in life and with food

Week 6 – How your Infradian Rhythm (menstrual cycle) affects how you feel, eat and move. Women’s hormones play a HUGE roll in their life and no program would be complete without discussing them.

Week 7- Bringing it all together

Week 8 – Private 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Arabella to make sure no stones are left unturned. Its an opportunity to delve deeper into any topics or spend time working on any other holistic topics that may have arisen for you.

After each group coaching session you will be sent an email with notes and self enquiry prompts to deepen your understanding of the topic and how it relates to you.

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