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A weekend of physical embodiment, energetics and an exploration into self purpose

This weekend has been designed teach you about yourself on a deeper level through understanding your energy, emotions and how they can impact your health. You will spending the weekend in a luxurious home in Mollymook with likeminded souls. Nourishing your body with whole foods, yin yoga and Pilates.

A 48 hour journey into YOU. 

You will walk away with a better understating of yourself and a feeling of vibrance and calm.

You will become an illuminated version of yourself! 

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Friday 5th March 

5 | Arrival - Congratulations on creating this weekend of soul nourishment for YOU! 
6 | Dinner 
7| | Yin Yoga and sound healing with Shell - Settle into our first evening together with 75 minutes of
deep relaxation through opening the energy body though yoga and the healing waves of the
crystal sound bowls

Saturday 6th March 

7 | Morning routine of movement (Pilates) meditation (guided), and self development (reading or journalling) lead by Arabella 

8 | Breakfast and free time

10 | Yoga with Shell - A yoga class where you will learn how the practise of yoga can be used to cultivate energy, focus and awareness in our daily lives.

11| Morning tea platter and free time

12 | Cooking demonstration and nourishment workshop with Arabella  - You will learn the importance of physical nourishment through whole foods and how to listen to your bodies needs.

1.30 | Lunch and free time

3 | Energetics talk with Shell - You will learn what energy is and its purpose

5 | Journalling and personal self development time - A time to connect to you and add some enquiry into what you have learnt so far

6 | Ayurvedic dinner 

7 | Tea and letting go ceremony - A ceremony to let go of what is holding you back 

8 | Guided meditation for sleep 

Sunday 7th March 

7 | Vinyasa to Pilates to Yin flow class - A dynamic yoga and Pilates fusion class

9 | Breakfast and free time 

10.30am | Practical workshop on how to implement what we have learnt over the weekend into our everyday life with Arabella

12 | Lunch

1 | Energy and sound healing with Shell 

2 | Closing circle - completing the weekend with a heartfelt farewell 

2.30pm | Departure



Arabella is a holistic health coach who helps support women in learning the importance of slowing down. She believes it is one of the missing links in womens health and that stress is one of the main reasons that women dont feel, or look, the way they want to. Arabella is also an advocate for mindful movement (pilates), meditation and plant based whole foods. Arabella's ability to bring women together, sharing their health stories and empowering them with constructive change in their lives has lead to hundreds of women letting go of their strict approach to health and instead trading it for an intuitive and mindful way of being.


A sensitive soul, in-tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth and the vibration of all living things. Fascinated by the intelligence of energy and the power we hold as human beings to create inner harmony and freedom. Dancing through this journey of life, guiding others to remember their true essence.

“We are divine creatures. It’s time to shine my darlings”



A slow and nourishing practice to release tension from the body and mind through a series of selected yoga postures.

It helps to release stagnant emotions and energies that are held in the body and has a very calming effect to the nervous system. 


Pilates is a form of controlled mindful movement where certain muscles are targeted. The class helps to increase strength and flexibility whilst having a large focus on breath work. The class enables you to feel longer, more energise, aligned and centred.

PersonalBrandingShell2-41 2.JPG


What is energy? What is its purpose? And how do we learn how to use it to live our best life?

Learn how to create time and space into your daily life for


Take home with you powerful ways to implement everything you’ve discovered over the weekend. Learn how to apply it to your everyday life and the benefits of making these rituals a habit.

We will set some heart centred goals around your health and get some ideas on how to achieve them. 



Mollymook, South Coast, NSW

Just 2 hours South of Wollongong, or 4 hours from Sydney, nestled in the beautiful beachside town of Mollymook. The house is just 5 mins walk from Mollymooks famous beach.


Brand new 6 bedroom home with modern interiors, 2 living spaces as well as indoor and outdoor living areas.

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Arabella and Shell believe that plant based whole foods should make up the majority of the foods that we eat. So throughout the weekend we will all be sharing an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, grains, herbs and spices. Everything will be home made with love and full of high vibrations! Exactly the way food should be!


Arabella will be taking us through a cooking demonstration as we all make lunch together. She will be explaining her whole food philosophy and why learning how to properly nourish yourself with whole foods is a vital step in becoming your best self.

We will also learn how to listen to our bodies needs and become more intuative eaters.



Grab your bestie and spend the weekend together sharing one of the queen bedrooms.


Spend the weekend in the bed all by yourself! A serious luxury for Mummas!

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 11.32.35


Meet 3 other lovely ladies who you get to enjoy the bunk room with.

Want to join us?

This soul fulfilling weekend of self discovery, wellness and relaxation is going to be exactly what you need to illuminate yourself and become the best version of you!

Tickets are available below. You will be redirected to Shell's website where you can reserve your space with a deposit or full payment. Simply contact Shell or myself for a 50% deposit code.

Alternatively, you can email me if you have any enquiries at

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