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Want to know the secrets to stepping off the binge and restrict cycle?

Join me for a free 90 minute online workshop to teach you the secrets to understanding your binge and restrict cycles and how to step away from them... for good!

Thursday 2nd June 

8pm NZT | 6pm AUS


It is exhausting and all consuming. Seems never ending. Makes you feel guilt, shame and frustration. The more you do it, the more angry with yourself you become and it seems impossible to stop!

I get it. Ive been there. I was stuck in the binge eating and restricting cycle on and off for 15 years. 

But through my studies in health coaching and naturopathy and my personal experience with it, I have learnt some wonderful secrets to get off the cycle... for good! 

Let me teach them to you! 


  • Why the binge and restricting cycle is so hard to step off.

  • The 4 main reasons why you partake in the binge eating. 

  • The difference between binge eating and emotional eating.

  • Why restricting and compensatory behaviour only makes things worse.

  • How to work through the desire to binge eat and what to do instead. 

  • Key mistakes you may be making when trying to step off the cycle.

  • How to show yourself kindness and compassion over judgement 


  • You are stuck in the binge eating and restricting cycle 

  • You binge eat or comfort eat

  • You restrict or over exercise after binge eating to compensate for it

  • You know you want to step off the cycle but have no idea how or have tried things that haven't worked in the past. 

  • You are sick of treating your body badly and want to show it more respect.

  • You are scared of the detrimental health aspects of binge eating.

  • You are sick of punishing your body and want to treat it with more kindness. 


The workshop will be held via zoom on Thursday 2nd June at 8pm (NZT)/6pm (AEST).

The recording will be available for 7 days so you can re-watch it or watch it if you aren't available to see it live.

After the workshop you will be sent some self enquiry prompts to help deepen your understanding of your eating patterns how to practically apply what you have learnt to your life. 

The workshop will run for approximately 60 - 90 min

It will be recorded if you are unable to make it live. The recording will be available until Thursday 9th June. 


Your host - Arabella

I am a holistic health and life coach specialised in supporting women in healing their disordered relationship with food and their body. 

I have spent nearly half of my life plagued with binge eating, emotional eating, restrictive eating and calorie obsession, over exercising, low self worth, low body image and anxiety.

I am now dedicating myself to being the healer that I needed along my journey. I have been there. I have walked the path and want to help you along yours. 

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