My mission as a Health Coach and
Womens Health Specialist
is to guide women to long lasting health and happiness through physical, mental and spiritual health practices.

Simply put, we are all different. Everyone has a different definition of what a happy life looks like. My job is first to understand how this looks to you, and through this, give practical advice toward reaching your goals. 

Throughout our sessions we'll get pretty deep! There'll be tears and laughs but ultimately I want to see you shine. I will work to provide custom meal and exercise plans, new meditation techniques, manifestations, journalling prompts and everything in between!

My goal is to impart a way of living that sets you up for long term wellness.

There's no magic bullet for life, but when we can get all our foundations aligning at once, we get pretty close!


Coaching Programs



This is a discovery call where we will go through a health history form and discuss your health and goals related to your health. From this call you and I will decide if you would like to enrol in one of my health coaching programs.


$528  ($88 per session)

We will work together to get to the route cause of your health issues, be it physical or emotional. I will then help workshop some strategies on how to reduce the stresses in your life causing you those issues. We will chat, chat and chat some more about why you feel the way you do. Then I will leave you with some practical advice and a plan on how to move forward. 

It will be eye opening and explorative with no stone unturned, but isn’t that the best way to solve problems? Shine a light on them first! 

There will be 6 session over a 12 week period.


$1056  ($88 per session)

Similar to the 3 month health coaching program but more in depth. As we have more time we can explore more options and set some more challenging health goals. 

Its the best time frame to totally overhaul your health and in just 6 months you will become a totally new woman! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

There will be 12 sessions, every fortnight, for a 6 month period. 

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